Friday, 1 February 2013


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In the evening the precious metal commodities are trading in loss while in the morning they are also in loss and moving up and down but now they are trading with slight changes in their price money. The gold and silver commodities prices are having big loss and their loss is increased since morning in the domestic market and it’s because of global commodity market COMEX.

The gold prices are 30128 Rs at now with having loss of 89 points in its price while silver had booked 207 Rs loss and currently trading in 58854 Rs. Silver fell down 100 points and gold fell down 40 points since morning.

The crude oil also trading in loss and having red mark in its price while in the morning it had profit and busy to gaining more money but suddenly it lost and had red price. Natural gas is still having profit of 0.90 Rs while nickel and copper had recovered their loss.


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