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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Commodity market trading prices high on today

In the commodity market, all commodities looking up and showing profit in their prices while yesterday the market was down and bearish, and today market recovers its loss and open at green prices.

Gold mcx commodity is trading in bullish and moving with slight changes. Mcx gold prices are trading up and having profit of 110 rupees at 30423 rupees in the domestic market.

Mcx Silver commodity is also up in the market and having profit of 270 points in the prices and currently it is trading in Rs 45710.

Crude Oil prices are also trading on high and having plus points in the prices. Currently is is trading on high of 31 points and trading in 5931 rupees in the domestic market.

In the base metals, aluminium Nov future commodity is up by 0.50 pots. Lead Nov future commodity is up by 0.55 and zinc Nov future contract is up by 0.50 points in the domestic market.

Copper Nov future contract is also high and trading in 437.30 rupees with profit of 2.20 points and nickel Nov future contract is also trading in profit of 5.00 points at 853 rupees in the domestic market.

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Friday, 1 November 2013

Today Commodity Market Updates on 1 Nov 2013

On DHANTERASH or CHOTI DIWALI : the commodity market is trading in good volume and good profit. Mcx gold prices are trading with profit of 232 points at Rs 30025 with good moments and mcx silver is also trading with good moments and having profit of 304 points at Rs 43735 in the domestic market. While crude oil is only up by 6 points and trading at Rs 6004 and natural gas is trading down by 0.90 in the domestic market.

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Saturday, 26 October 2013


On the last day of this week, the mcx closed mostly in bullish; as mcx gold prices is closed at 30734 rupees with profit of 172 points, mcx silver closed in loss of Rs 398 at trading price Rs 49709 in the mcx. Crude oil closed with profit of 49 pts at Rs 6045; natural gas closed at Rs 227.30 at profit of 3.80 points; aluminium is loss closed in profit of 0.75 pts at Rs 11.270; copper prices and nickel prices both are having loss and closed in loss of 0.25 and 9.50 points.

In the ncdex market, Gur seed and guar gum commodities future contracts are trading with highest profit rate and chilli, coriander and soya bean prices are low and trading in highest losing rate. Barley, caster seed, chana, chilli, cotton seed oil cake, coriander, ref. Soya oil , soya bean, sugar M grade , turmeric and wheat all commodities future contracts are red and bearish on Saturday and making loss in their trading prices; while Gur and guar Gum are up in the market and having profit in their all future contract's trading prices. Mostly all commodities re low and having loss while some of them like Jeera, Kapas and maize commodities future contracts are trading in both sides means some of them future contracts are bullish and some of them are bearish. Some commodities like turmeric and spice section must go in up trend and should have profit in their can buy them and earn profit.

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Friday, 25 October 2013


On the last trading day of the week, at 2:45 pm, the gold prices rises again while silver continue going down and making loss. Mcx gold has been trading in profit of 28 points at price 30590 rupees in the domestic market while Mcx silver commodity has been trading in loss and being red and continue going with low trend. Currently Mcx silver price is trading in loss of 561 at trading price of 49546 rupees in the mcx market exchange. Crude oil also trading in up trend and having profit. Crude oil is trading in profit of +27 points at Rs 6027 while the other energy commodity is trading in red and having loss of 0.60 points at Rs 223 in the domestic market. In the base metal commodities, all the commodities are trading in red and having loss in their trading prices. Aluminium is trading in low of 0.30 points, copper at -2.10, Nickel at -9.30, and lead & zinc at 0.50, & 0.560 points loss.
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Thursday, 24 October 2013


In the Commodity market, the market gains in its early trade and save its profit with moving slightly. Gold silver commodities are trading in big profit while yesterday they all are trading down in their early trade.
Gold silver Commodities are trading in profit and extending their gains. Gold is trading up by 156 pts at Rs 30327 while silver is trading up by 176 pts at Rs 49936 in the domestic market. Crude oil prices are also trading low at loss of only -9 pts at Rs 6008 in the mcx trading exchange. Natural gas is also having loss of 2.20 pts today.
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Wednesday, 23 October 2013


The mcx commodity market is trading in both sides with slight good volume and moments in their commodities prices while all commodities is moving with a resistant and support level. In the morning gold and silver are open at red then go up and suddenly comes down back and now gold is bullish while silver is red.Gold is trading in good volume with profit of 42 points at 5:30 pm at 30163 rupees in the domestic market while silver is bearish and trading in loss of 79 pts at Rs 49805.

Crude oil prices are also red and having loss of 52 rupees at current price and currently crude oil is trading in Rs 6007. Natural Gas is bullish and having profit of 2.20 points at Rs 222.40 in the mcx exchange at now.
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Monday, 21 October 2013


On Monday  mcx market is trading in good profit in its every commodities except crude oil, by the way crude oil prices are up and down for a while. Mcx gold and silver prices are green and bullish while some they make a move to downward. 
Currently Mcx gold is trading in profit of 242 points at 29722 Rs and silver is trading with profit of 741 points at Rs 48936. they must go up and make a good profit till before the close. Crude oil prices are red at now and having loss of 48 rupees and trading in 6190 at now.
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Friday, 18 October 2013


In the Evening, Gold and silver commodity are trading in up trend before some time but now they fell down and slipped. 
Gold and silver commodities are moving in low trend but in small change or slight changes while they are not showing a good moments in their prices. 
Mcx Gold prices are showing profit of 3 points at its trading price 29541 rupees and silver is red and bearish and trading in low of 16 pts at Rs 48110 in the domestic market. 
Crude oil prices are green and made good profit of 80 pts at 6224 rupees. 
Natural gas prices are down by 2.30 pts while aluminium having profit of 0.55 points. 
Copper is up by 3.90 and nickel is 14.70 points up in the Indian commodity market.

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