Friday, 1 February 2013


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"The mcx market exchange’s commodities are trading very well and showing moments in their prices in the morning of the last day of the month. Today the mcx precious metals are trading in loss due to effect of comex precious metals (gold and silver) prices are down but now they are busy to recover their money loss in their prices."
The bullion gold and silver prices are showing moment at the last day of the month but unfortunately they are trading in red and continuously moving ups and down. The gold prices had 41 Rs loss and trading in 30176 Rs per 10 gm at now while silver booked 143 Rs loss and trading in 58918 Rs.

SELL SILVER MAR BELOW 58875 TGT 58820, 58750, 58700 SL 58975

Crude energy commodity had profit and made money. Crude oil prices are trading in 5217 Rs per gallon with 7 Rs profit in its money price and moving up and down in the market. On the other hand, natural gas prices are also trading in profit and making trader’s profit in the market. Currently natural gas prices are 178.50 with 0.30 paisa profit.

BUY NATURAL GAS FEB ABOVE 179 TGT 179.50, 180, 18.50, SL 177 CMP 178.60

In the base metal section, the Aluminum and lead are trading in 111.35 and 130.30 with 0.10 and 0.10 paisa profit respectively while nickel and copper are red. Nickel prices are down by 2.80 Rs and copper had change of -1.10 Rs in red. 

BUY NICKEL FEB ABOVE 978 TGT 980, 982, 985 SL 975

In the ncdex market exchange, the menthol prices are trading in 1297 and had 35 Rs profit in its price while the cotton prices are trading in 16820 and had change of -80 Rs in red. Shankar Kapas, soya bean and Turmeric future contracts price are gained profit at highest rate and become top gainers with Barley, Peeper, Sugar M and Castor seed are red with maximum rate and become top loser in the morning of last Thursday of the January month.

BUY MENTHA OIL FEB ABOVE 1300 TGT 1305, 1310, 1320 SL 1280

BUY COTTON FEB ABOVE 16840 TGT 16850, 16860, 16880 SL 16820 

BUY COPPER FEB ABOVE 442 TGT 443, 444, 445 SL 440


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