As we discuss earlier in summary, the equity market is being a type of share market like as future markets, option markets, commodity market etc. The main idea of cash trading is related with delivery of stocks where each stocks is completed after satisfying transaction and it deliver report about trader’s current position.

Intra-day trading is a technique which is related to per day trading and future markets is a central financial markets where a trader can buy or sell a specific quantity of a stack at a specific price with delivery system for a specific time period in future with in standardized rule n regulations.

The cash market trading is occurs when a trader buy or sell their share on per day for gaining profit purpose, but it is risky so a trader have much knowledge about share market otherwise he may lose his money.

A trader as a new comer or as an old trader should have knowledge about trend of share market, volume in the market as how is it volatile means it changed in short period of time, and  many other aspects like as scalping, analysis, over-trading in the share market.

So the main thing is that in share market, where should you invest your money and how? These are main key points occurs when you want to invest money in stock trading. There are many strategies and techniques for decrease the risk of cash trading and maintain profit.

At least, the main concept of equity trading is risky as it contains more profit. In short, you have to analyse the share market risk, market trend, and volatility. You must do fundamental & technical analysis of market and you can get some advises on stocks like as share market tips from experts or advisers who have experienced of market positioning, of share markets.

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