The main concept of equity trading is risky as it contains more profit. In short, you have to analyse the share market risk, market trend, and volatility. You must do fundamental & technical analysis of market and you can get some advises on stocks like as share market tips from our experts or advisers who have experienced of market positioning.

There are many different trading strategies, you can utilize when trading in cash market. You can use some of these popular trading strategies, as follow:
  • Company Stocks - Buy Low and Sell High- Buying low and selling high seems like a fairly simple concept when it comes to trading equity, but the lines can be blurry on whether the price of a stock is low or high.
  • Trading stocks Using Trend lines- Trend lines are an excellent technical analysis tool to use when you are trading stocks or any other markets. They are primarily used to determine the trend of the market and the trend line establishes an excellent place to enter the market on a pull-back within a trend.
  • Breakouts Trading Strategies- A breakout strategy is one of the best strategies for trading trending markets. When people hear the term “breakout”, “they often think of a jail breakout.. A market has to break out of a range in order to establish a trend.
  • Moving Averages for Trading stocks- Moving averages are one of the most popular technical studies used in commodity and stock trading. The most commonly used technique of moving averages is for purposes of determining the trend of the market as well as finding support and resistance levels.
  • Trading Stocks after News Reports- News on stock market can often be a dangerous trap for novice traders. There are major wire services that usually produce an end of day recap on why each market moved up or down for the day. If you are an inexperienced trader it is a good bet that you will poorly interpret the news on the Stocks markets.
  • Scale Trading Techniques- Scale trading uses a simple principle of buying low and selling high. When trading stocks, it is often difficult to figure out when a stock is trading at a low enough prices to buy, but scale trading has some fairly simple guidelines to find good buying levels.
  • Stocks trading and Technical Analysis- Technical analysis is often used among stock traders. It is first important to understand the basics of technical analysis before trading stocks and then you can move on to more advanced technical methods. 


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