Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Commodities Prices Fall Down on Tuesday 08 Oct 13

The commodity market is fell down today and making flat moments in their commodities price changes. Precious commodities are red on today and recovering their prices now. Gold commodity prices is red and bearish. Gold is trading in low of 7 points at Rs 29477. Mcx silver price is also red and trading in a low of 85 points at Rs 49528 in the domestic market. Gold and silver are moving up and down as both sides and their prices are profitable for traders. Traders can buy any stocks and earn profit on today in the mcx stock exchange. Crude oil price has been trading in red while it is busy to recover its price.

Buy Gold 29480 Target 29550/29600/29650

Buy Silver 49550 Target 49700/49800/49850

Buy Crude Oil 6360 Target 6370/6380/6390

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