Monday, 30 September 2013


In the Indian MCX market exchange, Gold silver commodity prices are down and low on today while it is being bearish. Trader can do trading with a short sell on today. Commodity market is full of crashes and all commodities stocks which are being trade in the mcx market exchange, is very horrible and being very suspicious for Intra-day traders. Cause the market will must move in both sides. If we talk about gold and silver, they are bearish and low. Gold prices are down by 171 and moving in down trend currently while silver prices are moving down with flat or slight rate changes, currently Gold prices are down by 595 pts and trading in 49085 rupees. Crude oil lost 112 pts in the early morning trade and natural gas is being down by 2.20 rupees. The market will not moving so fast and moves in both market. Wish you very very good luck to be trade, you can get our experts and technical analyst calls and live tips for commodities stocks, just fill the trial form and get the market updates and live calls on your phone....

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Buy Gold 30600 Target 30700/30800/30900
Buy Silver 49100 target 49200/49300/49400

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