Tuesday, 18 June 2013


In today Mcx Market,  Crude oil is looking at negative side, and last week both energies prices are very fluctuate and changed, for today trend natural gas seeing at positive side and traded with good optimistic prices. Mentha oil performance on Monday is in bullish, Mentha oil current price is 1045.60 points, and today its opening price is 1027 points and its last closing points are 1012 points. Beginning of this week, Cotton seeing at selling side, cotton recent price is 19190 points. Last week Cotton maximum time traded at buying side and looking with good side, but recently traded at selling side.

Today After a whole week, in morning deal for Gold and Silver is seeing at down side, and gold opens with 27899 points, and its previous closed 27879 points. Gold and Silver both Metals performance is looking at fluctuate side, other side if we talking about silver, so silver performance is also seeing at down side and looking in bearish side and sometimes above side, today silver opens with 43860 points, and for this if we discuss about silver trend for this week, so its movement for this week looking at bearish side.

Today in NCDEX Market is seeing at down side, Barley, Chana, Turmeric, Coriander, Castor seeds all big and mostly traded commodity is seeing in negative zone, and follows the negative path. Last week all commodities are in changing mode or we can see in fluctuate side, but let see what happened with all commodities in this week, which commodities go above side and which one is looking at down side.

Rupees down in front to strong dollar on early Monday morning, dollar gain +0.28 point and touch a high of 57.59 at 10:20 am.  Its direct impact had seen on early hour of trading, both gold and silver prices are looking to be volatile on intra day trading. On Monday morning gold open at green side at 27899 its last close is 27879.

Gold support and resistance
S1: 27650, S2: 27580
R1:  28000, R2: 28150

White metal for future delivery expected to be bearish with high volatile trend, on intraday trading for July delivery it touch a low of 43663, today it open at 43860 against its last close at 43834.

Silver support and resistance
S1: 43320, S2: 43100
R1: 43950, R2: 44150

BUY GOLD AUGUST ABOVE 27900 TGT 27950, 28000, 28100 SL 27700

SELL SILVER JULY BELOW 43700 TGT 43650, 43550, 43500 SL 43950


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