Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Today Commodity MCX and NCDEX Market Updates, Commodity trading calls

Natural Gas Levels

Today again Commodity MCX Market is in Negative side, almost all base metals is in Negative side, in early trade Cotton wondering at optimistic side, but now recently it shows red flag and traded downwards. From Monday all commodities in Mcx market shows minus prices, all commodities graph goes down. Today commodity position just looks like as Monday commodity prices or situation. Today Gold opens with 25650 with decremented points, and Silver opens with 43870 points. Only Natural gas is in Mcx Market shows positive rays and stays with positive price, its opens with 223.90 and close with 223.80 points. For today Natural gas has support at 221.8 and resistance at 225.9 points.

NCDEX Market

In NCDEX Market Castor seeds in all Contracts shows negative price, in all contracts traded with negative side, or we can say down side.

Commodity Trading calls:

Sell Castor seed (Apr) below 3320 Targets 3310, 3300, 3290 Stop Loss 3340

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