Friday, 25 January 2013


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"In the morning of Thursday, the gold and silver are bearish and having loss in their prices due to comex gold and silver prices in the international market The international comex gold and silver prices influenced the domestic market and due to this reason the market price of commodity gold silver is down and going down."

The gold and silver prices are showing red position as in the global market, gold and silver prices are down and trading in red and showing a huge slowdown as in the domestic market. The market prices of precious metals are trading in loss while yesterday they are in bullish trend but the gold prices are not showing any big loss as it has just 10 Rs loss in its price.

LIVE CALL-SELL GOLD FEB BELOW 30670 TGT 30640, 30610, 30570 SL 30730

LIVE CALL-SELL SILVER BELOW 59530 TGT 59430, 59330, 59200 SL 59650

The gold 5 Feb contract prices are down by only 10 points and moving in uptrend slightly. The gold prices are just gained 2 Rs and come at 30683 Rs per 10 gm with loss of 8 points now. On the other hand, the other precious metals silver is trading in a big loss and also having red mark in its prices. The silver prices are made loss of 300 Rs before 20 minutes but now t had only 273 and gained 27 Rs. It is trading in 59582 with -282 Points at 10:41 AM.

LIVE CALL-SELL CRUDE OIL 5150 TGT 5140, 5130, 5120, SL 5170

In the domestic energy commodity, the crude oil Feb contracts price are trading in red and having 23 Rs loss due to economic condition of western countries like USA and UK while the natural gas price is in profit of 2.30 Rs and trading in 192.30 Rs. In the base metal section, all commodity prices are down and having loss in their prices and showing bearish trend and menthe oil is also bearish while cotton is in 40 Rs profit.


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